We can’t think of a better time to try to help provide more affordable, predictable care for patients and employers. We look forward to working with individuals and employers to decrease the cost of health care in the Bighorn Basin.

Yes. 307Health recommends that all its members carry health insurance to cover their diagnostic, specialty, surgical and emergency healthcare needs, and to meet the federal legal requirements of all American citizens.

When you enroll as a 307Health member, you will complete a “records request” form for your former care provider. Your former care provider will then transfer your records to us.

All patient records will be electronically stored in our  electronic medical record database hosted through AtlasMD in Wichita, Kansas.

307Health physicians will continue to refer their patients to local providers and medical support services as we have always done.

307Health physicians will be involved in the care of their patients admitted to Powell hospital.

The use of HSA funds to pay for a DPC membership is not recommended at this time, but bi-partisan legislation is being developed to address this issue.

Currently, there are no insurers who reimburse their customers for DPC member fees, including Medicare and Medicaid in Wyoming.

No. In DPC, primary care costs are like ongoing house or automobile maintenance costs that are not covered by your catastrophic home and auto insurance. Evidence shows that regular health maintenance – like home and auto maintenance – will decrease the need to use your health insurance and its corresponding deductible.

All member fees are automatically charged at the end of the service month. There is no required length of service contract. Membership can be discontinued at any time by completing a simple form.

Because 307Health has a limited number of member openings, we require a 1-year wait for withdrawing members to reactivate their service membership as openings are available.

When a physician’s practice is full, applying members will be given the choice to select a partner physician with openings, to be wait-listed for an opening to their requested physician’s practice.


Contact us any time by email or phone with your questions, to request enrollment information, or to be added to our new member waitlist.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) allows doctors to provide better care, more often, at a fraction of the cost to patients ~Doug Nunamaker, M.D.

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